What We Do

Our Capabilities

Render Construction is the masonry service provider of choice for developers, architects and general contractors across Southwestern Ontario. Led by quality-driven leadership, our team of trained, qualified and experienced masons can perform any masonry task you require, for practically any project, whether it’s structural blockwork for a new school or decorative natural stonework for an eye-catching restaurant.

You will see Render’s dedication to perfection in every service we provide, in every project you can imagine. We look forward to putting our team’s exceptional talents to work for you soon.


Commercial Masonry

We collaborate with Canada’s leading developers to create memorable shopping and dining experiences for Canadians in plazas, shopping centres and restaurants. With a large crew and uninterrupted on-site leadership, Render never fails in providing quality workmanship on time, every time.


Institutional Masonry

Render transforms buildings with rudimentary purposes into beautiful structures of brick, concrete block and stone, which can inspire patrons in hospitals, schools, churches and government agencies. Ingraining consistent quality and beauty into every project is at the heart of Render’s purpose.


Residential Masonry

As a business that treats its team as a family, we understand the importance of a residence and the expectations homeowners have for their forever home. When you choose Render, you choose long-lasting, beautiful masonry work, whether the development is a new single-family home, hotel, dormitory, condominium tower or townhome.